The Thought of Time

by stefkeB

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This is step by step becoming the full album. So for now, it is not complete. The songs have been written, recorded as demo versions and first arrangements have been made.


released November 11, 2011

Compositions, recording, singing, instruments etc... by stefkeB except the Violin and drumloop on Understatement (by Reverse Violin Company).




stefkeB Leuven, Belgium

stefkeB is a Belgian musician, composing and recording music at his home. The compositions are sometimes in English, sometimes in Dutch and often instrumental.

He is a schooled guitar player, enjoying both classical and electrical guitar playing.

While he mostly makes music at home, he plays guitar for Transport Aerian and occasionally for friends and family.
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Track Name: A Memory
I see you from the inside
Your heart is bouncing calm
Your mind is moving both ways
The blood you spill is warm

I live inside your memory
The place is filled with dust
It's here I live in silence
I write it and it flies

The tenderness of helping
The answers are within
It's like you've always been there
And it won't keep you quite

This is a place of teaching
We pray and talk about
We keep you from forgetting
The live you lived for light

I dwell inside your hallways
I climb the steps you throw
The walls you feel are old now
But this is where I live

And long before you fall down
I will be at your feet
I have become a part now
Of a memory to keep
Track Name: Almost
Don't promise me anything
Don't let me hunker
No false illusions
I'd rather be without
Don't give me your word
Don't give me hope
No wrong assumptions
I can live without

[chorus] But there you are
Straight through my defense
I almost fell again
I almost let you in
Yes, there you are
An arrow through my eyes
You almost took me over
I almost let you in

I have been disappointed
Far too many times
I know betrayal
I have been abused
So nothing to promise
Nothing to expect
I'm not being fooled
Never, ever again


This was another time
You came to someone else
Don't think I would have let you
Closer to me
I don't have any regret
I don't have tears to shed
You think I am too cold
You should have known by now
Track Name: Understatement
Wherever you are
Whatever you do
I'll get into you
I'll step in your head

The signal is weak
Frustration arised
I'll send you again
Time has been right

I feel independent
Yet still I rely
Maybe I am blind
Maybe I can't cry

A web has been woven
You touch has grown weak
I came to rely
On a signal unseen

When I hear your voice
Wherever you are
I feel so releaved
Whatever you do
Track Name: My Escape
For all my dreams
I wish they lived
Then it is easy
Doing almost Everything
Life is very much harder
Stuck with it to long
Hope I die while sleeping
When the dream goes on

My princess is to sweet
She tries and gives a lot
Am I not worth it ever?
How can I be King?

Fighting against lust
No need to dialogue
Boredom is for later
Responsability no more
No fear for death or life
No stress to struggle with
Just the fear of waking
Before I can be all

My bird in snowy spring
My angel without Mask
In dreams you can be everything
What in life you're not

Feeling like a zombie
Try the sleep to last
Feeling - hoping - praying
Tonight I will be God
Live towards a ghost
With you I can be full
Touch & Kill & Live
Without any result

Is it wrong to say?
Is it just a dream?
Feel like living more
During my ESCAPE...

My dear little Medusa
How can I not watch?
In you I see the backside
And there I want to walk
Track Name: I Wanna Love U More
Leaving enough memory
Switching out my parts
Gripping no Anxiety
To touch your vital Heart
Crawl towards a Shadow
Turning in my Grave
A flower for the Rain
Perversion of a Smile

Touch a lack of Faith
Feeling very Alone
Assuming Love is somewhere
Where I haven’t killed before

Roads to my illusion
A Glance of your Lips
Sniffing up your Poison
Getting very HOT

A blaze of Glory looks out
I wanna Love You more
I wanna Love You more
I wanna Love You more

I wanna Love You more
I wanna Love You more
I wanna Love You more
I wanna Love You more

Telling of Reactions
Sad and all Alone
Hit You very Roughly
Killing with my Tongue
Unfaithful and Forgotten
Loosing is a Way
If I can’t sleep with You
I’d rather Fly away

Don’t know what I’m doing
Don’t know who I’ll be
Misguided by my Hopes
A Boy knows only…
Track Name: Cat without Tale
You're my Cat without Tale
Sometimes U make me happy
I like to hold you, feel you
This summer never stops
Everyday seems better than before
No one dares to break the spell
Although it isn't true but
Who am I to stop the dream?

They say we can be blind
If we think of someone else
They say we act as fools
When your heart is lost
Who can I speak with?
Who can I trust?
I'm not used to talk
about my feelings
Who would listen anyway?
Not my cat, for sure
She plays and walks
But a cat never talks...